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Watco Liquid Roof Membrane

Watco Liquid Roof Membrane

From €96.00
Roller applied, tough polyurethane membrane to seal flat and pitched roofs
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From €96.00
Product details
Watco Liquid Roof Membrane is a roller applied coating system designed to protect flat and pitched roofs.

  • Seamless finish
  • UV stable
  • Moisture cured. Can be applied to slightly damp surfaces
  • Membrane moves with the roof to reduce splitting
  • Seals areas surrounding roof protrusions
  • Allows substrate to breathe and release vapours
  • Suitable for flat and pitched roofs
  • Cold applied – no heating equipment required
  • Convenient single pack
  • Touch dry in 4 hours (at 20°C)

    Watco Liquid Roof Membrane can be easily applied around existing pipe work and protrusions. With an inert fibre reinforcement it protects around these areas where the risk of water leakage is high. Two coats will cure to give a tough, 1 – 1.5mm thick sealing membrane. Its high elasticity allows the roof to move without the membrane splitting or cracking.

    Coverage approx. 5 – 7m² per 5 litres per coat and 12 – 16m² per 12.5 litre per coat.
    Two coats are normally required.

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    Safety Data sheet
    Technical Data Sheet
  • Specifications
    Appearance matt
    Delivery Time (Days) standard
    Usage - Interior / Exterior exterior
    Usage - Suitable for flat and pitched roofs
    Usage - Surfaces concrete, asphalt, roofing felt
    Max Operational Temp (deg C) 60
    Coverage (m² per litre/kg) 0.96–1.28
    Application - Drying time (hours) 4 at 20°c
    Application - Recommended Coats 2
    Preparation & Application
    Surface Preparation
    Inspect entire surface to assess soundness of existing substrates or coatings. Where necessary prepare test areas. Repairs to cracks, holes, blisters etc, should be carried out before application of the coating. Ensure roof surface is clean, dry and free from all loose debris and roof contaminants. All fungal growth, moss etc. should be treated with a suitable fungicidal cleaner. General dirt and contamination can be removed with Watco Bio D, a biodegradable solvent free degreaser.
    Please Note: Watco Liquid Roof Membrane is
    moisture activated, therefore once opened, all material must be used immediately. The tin cannot be re-sealed.

    If appearance is critical we recommend the application of a small trial area first.

    Do not apply if rain is forecast within 12 hours. Stir contents thoroughly (do not thin). Apply Watco Liquid Roof Membrane by brush or short/medium pile type roller. Work material well into substrate. Apply generous amounts to areas at a higher risk of water ingress i.e. joints and protrusions with a brush prior to the application of the main coating. Two coats are recommended. The second coat should be applied after a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 7 days. An anti slip finish can be achieved by sprinkling the coarse white grit over the second coat while it is still wet.

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