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Anti Slip Hazard Marking Paint

Highlights floors, steps and kerbs with an anti slip finish

  • Anti slip version includes a finely textured easy clean finish
  • Bright yellow – highly visible
  • Improves safety indoors and out
  • Easy to apply – one coat is usually enough
  • Resistant to grease and oils

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Watco Basics Anti Slip Hazard Marking Paint is based on a tough, solvent based polyurethane formula which can be applied to most surfaces. A separate unit of aggregate is supplied with Anti Slip Hazard Marking Paint, which is mixed into the paint to provide a finely textured slip resistant surface.  

Recommended areas of use

  • Ideal for interior and exterior line marking
  • Highlight step edges, trip hazards, kerbs, pillars, etc.
Suitable for Concrete, wood, most metals, existing well bonded paint
Appearance Coloured. Smooth.
Finish Glossy, anti slip
Interior or Exterior Interior and exterior
Composition Single pack, solvent based polyurethane
Number of components 2
Coverage 40m² per 5L per coat
Number of coats 2
Recommended number of coats 1
Dry film thickness 80 microns
Drying time Touch dry: 10 hours.
Curing time 24 hours at 20°C
Minimum application temperature 10°C
Storage 24 months in manufacturers unopened container.
Cleaning tools Clean tools with White Spirit.

Surface preparation

Apply using a brush to mark lines, designate safety areas or highlight step edges. 
This versatile paint can also be applied by roller to cover larger areas, although two coats would be required for depth of colour. 
Remove grease and oil using Watco Bio D.  This can also be used to remove grease from existing paint.
If overcoating existing paint, please ensure it is well bonded.  Lightly sand any smooth, glossy paint to provide a key.
Make sure the surface is clean and dust free before continuing.
If using the paint over larger areas of new concrete, it should be at least 2 months old and Watco Basics Acid Etcher used to reduce alkalinity.
Such areas of concrete should be sufficiently porous to allow the paint to penetrate and ‘key’.


Holes in excess of 5mm deep can be filled with Watco Basics Floor Repair Mortar, or providing the floor is reasonably level, Watco Pourable Repair Mortar
For repairs which need to be ‘feather edged’ to nothing, or for repairs to damaged joint edges, please refer to Watco Concrex Epoxy Resin Repair Mortar. This should also be used if repairing broken kerb edges or step nosings.  


Do not use if the floor temperature is below 10°C.
The surface must be dry. 
Stir the paint thoroughly. 
If using the Anti Slip Hazard Marking Paint, add the whole tin of aggregate to the 5L paint size, or half the tin to the 2.5L.
Stir the aggregate thoroughly into the paint. 
If applying with a roller, use the roller to work the paint into the surface of bare concrete. Two coats will be required.
If applying by brush, or for cutting in around edges, one coat is usually enough, but on rough or very porous surfaces a second coat may be required. 
Do not apply thickly.

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