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Cold Set Coating SAFETY YELLOW 2.5L

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Watco Cold Set Coating uses the latest polyaspartic resin technology to provide a high quality, highly wear resistant coating that can be applied at low temperatures. It is ideal for refurbishment and maintenance in unheated areas during the winter months when conventional coatings will fail to dry.

Recommended areas of use

  • Refurbishment and maintenance in unheated areas
  • As a coating in walk-in fridges, cold stores and loading bays


  • Withstands heavy wear and tear
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Can be applied between -10°C and +30°C
  • Fast curing
  • exceptional UV resistance makes it ideal for exterior application as it resists chalking, weather and fading
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Useful information

Our Cold Set Coating needs to be applied in two coats. It’s supplied as a tin of resin and a tin of curing agent. And when you mix the contents of the two tins together, it starts a reaction which causes the paint to cure.

If you’re painting an area of 30m², you’ll need four 2.5L tins (because, once mixed, a tin won't keep for the second coat).

Here’s how we work it out:

  • Area to be painted: 30m² with two coats (we recommend two coats for the best result)
  • Tins needed: 4 x 2.5L
  • Why: Use 2 x 2.5L for the first coat; and the same again for the second

Our Coverage Calculator works this out for you – that way you know you’re buying exactly the paint you need and can use, without unnecessary waste.

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