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Concrete Hardener

Hardens and dustproofs weak, dusty concrete

  • Permanently stops concrete dust
  • Resists trucks, trolleys and foot traffic
  • Micronised acrylic penetrates porous concrete
  • Virtually odourless formulation
  • Also stops dust on exterior concrete
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Watco Basics Concrete Hardener is a highly effective way to stop concrete from dusting. It penetrates unsealed, weak, dusty concrete and hardens it to the point where it will not dust. If an old concrete surface is wearing away, just one coat of Watco Basics Concrete Hardener will stop it from getting worse. It doesn’t alter the appearance of concrete, just makes it hard. It does not rely on leaving a surface film to protect the concrete, it becomes part of the concrete surface, making it maintenance free. It can be used on any dusty concrete, inside and out, so it will prolong the life of deteriorating paths and driveways.

Recommended areas of use

  • Concrete floors in warehouses
  • Production areas
  • Garages, etc.


Suitable for Porous bare concrete
Appearance Does not alter appearance of concrete.
Interior or Exterior Interior and exterior
Composition Single pack acrylic
Number of components 1
Coverage 30m² per 5L
Number of coats 1
Recommended number of coats 1
Drying time 8 hours at 10°C, 4 hours at 20°C.
Curing time 12 hours at 20°C
Minimum application temperature 10°C
Storage Do not allow to freeze.
Shelf life 24 months in unopened containers.
Cleaning tools Clean applicators with water.


Surface preparation

Concrete must be absorbent for the product to perform. If in doubt, pour a cup of water onto the surface. If it soaks in, then the surface is suitable.
Sweep off dirt and dust. Avoid washing the floor since the product will penetrate better into a dry surface. If the floor needs to be washed down, allow it to completely dry before application.
Exterior concrete must not be damp, so applications outside are best undertaken during the drier, warmer months of the year.


Holes and worn areas can be made good using Watco Basics Pourable Repair Mortar.


The product contains some water which must evaporate to allow it to dry. We therefore recommend application at temperatures above 10°C, and in reasonably well-ventilated areas to help with drying.
Application is quick and easy and just requires a soft broom.
Pour the liquid onto the floor. Push it around the floor with the broom; where it soaks in, apply more.
The concrete should be allowed to absorb as much as it can. Just keep adding more liquid to the surface until it stops soaking in and starts to puddle on the surface.
Sweep any puddles onto adjacent areas so that all the liquid is absorbed.
Important! Do not allow puddles of liquid to remain unabsorbed on the floor. Sweep all liquid away until the floor is just left looking damp.
That completes application. Just wait for the floor to dry before putting it back into use.
Clean applicators with water.

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Data sheets

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