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Concrete Paint

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    • Watco Epoxy Gloss Coat 5L


      Available in 4 finishes: Gloss, Gloss Hygienic, Matt and Matt Hygienic.

      Highly durable, attractive gloss finish. Ideal for projects where a tough, easy clean surface is required. The new, reinforced epoxy resin formulation also dries in half the time, so you can apply to coats in one day and get the floor back into use faster.

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    Epoxicote High Build 4L can
    • Epoxicote High Build 4L

      Available in Original, Advanced, Advanced Anti Slip, Anti Slip, Rapid, Anti Slip Rapid, Cold Cure and Cold Cure Anti Slip formulations.

      Industrial strength flooring in just one coat. Enhanced formula delivers an ultrahard-wearing chemical resistant gloss floor coating. Watco has pushed coating technology to the limit to develop a highly advanced formulation that puts Epoxicote High Build into a class of its own.

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    Watco Concrete floor paint 5L can
    • Watco Concrete Floor Paint 5L


      Available in 3 finishes: High Gloss, Matt and Anti Slip.

      Brighten and dustproof dull, drab concrete with our toughest high gloss single pack concrete floor paint. Our unique formula includes a blend of diamond hard wax and ceramic additive making it 100% more hard wearing than our previous formulation as well as 50% more adhesive than a leading competitor. It also carries CE Mark EN1504-2.

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    • Spectrum Concrete Floor Paint 5L

      Whether you want to mark out an area, or paint your whole concrete floor in an exact shade, you now have 190 colours to choose from.

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    • Watco Fastcoat 2.5L

      Available in Original and Anti Slip formulations.

      Watco Fastcoat is a rapid curing floor paint system. It uses the latest polyaspartic resin technology for a high quality fast drying floor coating that will cure in just one day!

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    • Watco Resiflow 20kg

      Available in Super Gloss and Chemical Grade formulations.

      Our glossiest ever floor screed. Watco Resiflow Supergloss is our top-of-the-range floor finish. Just mix, pour and spread and you’ll have a showroom-standard floor that will perform perfectly for years and years.

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    Chemi Coat, a tough epoxy resin coating with excellent chemical resistance 4L tin
    • Watco Chemi-Coat 4L

      Available in Original, Acid Strength, Anti Slip, Cold Cure and Rapid Formulations.

      New high performance formula for chemical resistant gloss coating. Our chemical resistant epoxy resin paint, designed to withstand chemical spills, is now even tougher thanks to Watco’s new technology formulation.

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    • Watco Flexicoat 5L

      Flexible protection for heavy-wear areas – ideal for mezzanine floors, for example. Our two-pack polyurethane Flexicoat™ is a tough, ultra-flexible solution that both seals and waterproof floors, while filling smaller cracks to cut down on preparation time. £154.50 (E

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    Cold Set Coating. a polyaspartic coating for use at low temperatures 2.5L tin
    • Watco Cold Set Coating 2.5L

      New formula delivers top performance even at low temperatures. Unlike conventional floor paints, Cold Set Coating will cure during the winter, making it ideal for refurbishment and maintenance of unheated areas.

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    • Watco Food Safe Coating 2.5L

      Food Safe Coating Anti Slip is also available

      Specialist coating designed to meet food industry rigours. This gloss floor paint is formulated to meet the requirements of EN71/3 as a non-toxic product.

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    • Watco High Visibility Paint 2.5L

      Fluorescent paint for interior and exterior surfaces, to highlight hazards such as low beams or snag points

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    Plant Room Coating, a tough flexible, waterproof coating for the protection of plant room floors 25kg tub
    • Plant Room Coating 25kg

      Tough, seamless, flexible protection for your premises. Contain spillages and leaks in your plant rooms. Plant Room Coating is a waterproof, flexible and durable coating which fills bridges, joints and cracks in the surface to ensure ultimate waterproof protection in areas where spillages are likely to occur.

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    Application of fastcoat primer using a roller
    • Fastcoat Primer

      This polyaspartic primer cures in just 2 hours, meaning minimal downtime and a more effective base for Watco Fastcoat.

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    Epoxyline, a heavy duty line marking paint with excellent durability and chemical resistance
    • Watco Epoxyline 1L

      A heavy duty line marking paint with excellent durability and chemical resistance

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