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To bring you the best floor paint, we put it through its paces, because we know you’ll do the same


Proven superior quality

We’re passionate about paint, which means we do everything we can to bring you products of the highest quality and durability. To do this, we’ve put our range through extensive testing to prove that when you buy from Watco, you’re buying the best.

All our coatings carry CE Mark EN1504-2 making it the mostly highly qualified paint range on the market. Not only that, our coatings have been tested against other leading brands for adhesion, hardness, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and slip resistance. The test results speak for themselves and prove that Watco paints are the toughest floor coatings that will last even longer than you’d expect. 

Slip Resistance


The Pendulum Test Value (PTV) is measured in wet conditions. A number above 36 indicates a ‘low slip potential’.

High: 0-24 PTV

Moderate: 25-35+ PTV

Low: 36+ PTV


ISO 1519

Flexibility is measured using a Mandral Flex Tester, 2mm is the most flexible, 36mm the least.

36mm → 2mm

Lowest → Highest

Impact Resistance

ISO 6272

Impact is expressed as Newton metres. Greater than 4 Nm is a CE mark pass.

Class 1 >4Nm

Class 2 >10Nm

Class 3 >20Nm

Adhesion Test

ISO 2409

Cross-Cut Test method. Class 0 is highest adhesion, Class 5 is lowest.

Class: 5 → 4 → 3 → 2 → 1 → 0

Lowest → Highest

Adhesion Test

EN 1542

Adhesion is expressed in MegaPascals (MPa) or Newton millimetres squared (Nmm2). Greater than 2 MPa is a CE mark pass.

>2MPa (Nmm2) = test pass

Abrasion Resistance

ISO 5470-1

Taber test method expresses results in mg on a scale between 0mg (highest resistance) and 3000mg (lowest). A reading below 3000mg is a CE mark pass.

3000mg → 0mg

Lowest → Highest

Scratch Resistance

ISO 45862

Scratch resistance is measured using a Sclerometer and the resistance is measured in Newtons. 1N is the lowest resistance, 20N the highest.

1N → 20N

Lowest → Highest

Surface Spread of Flame


Highest flame spread rating is Class ‘0’.

Class: 0 → 1 → 2 → 3 → 4

Best rating

Water Permeability

EN 1062-3

To achieve a CE mark, the measurement must be less than 0.1 kg/m2(24 h)0.5

CE Marking

Critical Value: < 0.1kg/m²/(24 h)0.5

Food Taint Test

EN 17/3

Safe for food production areas

Slip Resistance

DIN 51130

An ‘R’ rating between 9 and 13 indicates the level of slip resistance, R13 being the most slip resistant.

R9 → R13

Lowest → Highest

Gloss Value

Rating is a ‘Gloss Unit’ measured on an Optical Glossmeter.

Matt 0-10%, Low Sheen 10-25%, Eggshell 26-40%, Semi-Gloss 41-69%, Gloss 70-85%, High Gloss +85%

Wolff-Wilborn Hardness Test


Also known as the ‘pencil test’, a 9H reading is the measure of a hardest coating, HB is the softest.

HB → 9H

Least Hard → Hardest

Chemical Resistance


Refer to product Technical Datasheet for individual chemical tests. Product rated overall as ‘Excellent, Very Good, Good, or Limited’.

Standard Compliance

EN 1504-2

This mark indicates that a coating has passed all the test required to carry a CE mark.

ISO 16000

The ‘Loi Grenelle’ measurement of the effect of a product’s VOC level within a building. A+ is the top safety rating.

REACH Compliant

Addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on human health and the environment.

BREEAM Compliant

A sustainability assessment method for master planning projects, infrastructure and buildings.

Help & Advice

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