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Waterproofing & Roofing


How do I waterproof a plant room floor? I need something that is waterproof and flexible.

Watco Plant Room Coating is ideal for this because it is a thick waterproofer which makes it really good for filling in cracks and joints. It is also flexible so if there is any movement in the floor it won’t crack. It is chemical resistant and has excellent adhesion properties; you may also want to look at the Watco Chemi-Coat® range. 

How do I fix a leaking roof, it’s seeping through into our workshop and causing damage?

Watco Roofite® is ideal and you don’t have to worry if it doesn’t stop raining! You can brush it on a wet surface and it will give you a watertight repair. We have a large range of roofing products for almost any application. 

When we’ve had a lot of rain, the concrete floor gets very damp - we don’t think it has a damp-proof membrane. Which concrete waterproofer could we use to go on a damp floor and will stop the damp appearing again?

Watco Liquid Waterproofer is the answer – you mix it up, pour it onto the floor and roller it out. Apply two coats to make sure that it has completely covered, especially if the concrete is a bit rough. It is hard wearing so you don’t need to put anything over the top of it. It dries to an off white finish but you can paint it with just about anything if you’d prefer. 

The flat felt roof on our workshop doesn’t drain very well. Rainwater puddles on it and I’m worried this could lead to leaks. Have you got anything for fixing dips in asphalt and bitumen type surfaces?

Watco Roofite® Pour & Restore is designed for this. Just pour it into the dips and spread around with a squeegee or trowel. It’s thick and flexible and will prolong the life of your roof. You can just fill the dips or go over the whole roof. It’s rubberised and won’t go soft in the summer sun or become brittle and split in the winter.

Featured products

Watco Plant Room Coating

Watco Plant Room Coating

Flexible waterproof protection for plant room floors

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Watco Roofite

Watco Roofite

Quick, easy and long lasting roof repairs

From €64.90 (Ex VAT)

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Watco Bitu-Mend® Pour And Restore

Watco Bitu-Mend® Pour And Restore

For shallow surface repairs to damaged or cracked asphalt and tarmac

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