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Watco Liquid Waterproofer

Thorough waterproof protection for floors

  • Flexible and highly durable
  • Breathable, watertight formula
  • Ideal for basements and areas prone to damp
  • Waterproof protection for up to a 3m head of water

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An easy way to resurface and damp proof areas. The coating is waterproof, yet vapour permeable to allow the substrate to breathe.

Recommended areas of use

  • Basements
  • Workshops
  • Storerooms
  • Balconies
  • Walkways
  • Roofs
  • Fountains
  • Storage tanks
  • Swimming pools


  • Thick, flexible coating resists movement and minor cracks
  • Ideal for floors with damp or rising damp problems
  • Resistant to frost and salt attack
  • Hardwearing – high abrasion resistance
  • Protection up to 3m head of water
  • When mixed thickly it can be used vertically for surfaces such as cellar walls and storage tanks
Suitable for Concrete, brick, masonry
Finish Matt, textured
Interior or Exterior Interior and exterior
Composition Cement and resin blend
Coverage Approximately 12.5m² per coat per 25kg
Number of coats 2
Recommended number of coats 2
Dry film thickness 1mm per coat
Curing time 16 hours at 20°C
Minimum application temperature 5°C

Surface preparation

Surfaces must be cleaned of all grease, dust, cement laitance and other contaminants. Steel and iron surfaces must be scale free. Weak and spalled concrete must be cut back to a sound substrate and repaired using an approved mortar. All surfaces must be thoroughly wetted to achieve saturation. A minimum air and surface temperature of 5°C is essential. 


Place the powder into a bucket and pour in approximately three quarters of the Watco Liquid Waterproofer liquid, mix using a slow speed drill and paddle mixer. Mix for approximately 3 minutes until a lump free, creamy consistency is achieved. For floors add the remaining liquid and mix thoroughly. For other applications add only until the required consistency is achieved.


If appearance is critical we recommend the application of a small trial area first.

Whilst the surface is damp but free from standing water the first coat can be applied. Use a medium hard short bristled brush or roller. The application thickness should be no more than 1.5mm and no less than 0.5mm. The second coat may be applied as soon as the first is cured, normally 12-24 hours. For flooring applications a total thickness should be between 1-3mm. For walls 1-2mm. To withstand 3m head of water the coating thickness should be 2mm on the floor and 1.5mm on the wall. On flooring application a spiked roller should be used to release air and help even out the surface.

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