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Paint & Anti Slip


Which product can I use to increase safety on a on a disabled ramp? 

Watco Safety Grip® is ideal for this. You can apply it in one thick coat, by roller, and it stays anti slip even when it gets wet. You don’t need a primer if your ramp is made of concrete or wood. If it is difficult to close the ramp whilst a coating dries, Watco recommend our Firm-Step Sheets. These are heavy duty, anti slip fibreglass panels that you just lay in place and screw down, so you can put the ramp back into use straightaway.

Have you got line marking products that are hard wearing?

If you’ve got wet or rough areas where tape won’t stick, you could use Watco Permaline. This is a fibreglass line marking strip that you lay in place and screw down. You probably won’t ever have to replace it and can move the lines if you need to.

Which paint should I use for parking spaces including a blue space for disabled users?

Watco Anti Slip Traffic Paint is ideal for this as it’s especially designed for asphalt and won’t soften it. It is very flexible which helps if it’s in full sun and the colour won’t fade either. It’s quick to apply by roller, you can brush out the lines, and it dries quickly with a fine texture to help make it anti slip. Our Safety Blue is the right colour for disabled spaces and we’ve got a disabled stencil.

Which is the best paint for concrete loading bays with a metal edge? It gets really slippery and I’m worried that somebody’s going to fall off it. Do you have anything that can help with this?

Watco recommend Watco Safety Grip® which is a really tough anti slip epoxy coating. It goes on to concrete or metal and if your loading bay is really busy, use the rapid set version so you can put it back into use quickly. If it’s unheated use Watco Safety Grip® Cold Cure as this will dry at 0°c.

Have you got an acid resistant paint?

Sulphuric acid is very corrosive but Watco Chemi-Coat® Acid Strength will withstand it up to 98% concentration, as well as heavy fork lift traffic. Watco Chemi-Coat® was originally formulated in 1972. We have developed our best selling chemical resistant coating into a range that includes a new rapid curing version and a version that gives the highest chemical resistance and also sets at a low temperature.

Do you have anything anti slip for wooden stairs and decking? The area takes a lot of wear and I don’t think I can use an anti slip paint because of the grooves in the decking. Any ideas?

Watco GRP Decking Strips are perfect for the decking. They are thin strips of anti slip fibreglass which you just lay onto the wood and screw down - it doesn’t matter if the wood is wet or dirty. We pre-drill them and provide the screws and we can cut them to your required length free of charge. We’ve just brought out a ‘Fine Grade’ version which has a less abrasive surface just in case a child does fall over for any reason. These would be ideal and are so quick and easy to use. Watco Firm-Step® Covers would be great for the stairs.

What can you suggest for a ramp which runs up to our warehouse door and gets slippery in the wet? It’s in constant use so I haven’t got time to wait for a paint to dry.

I’d recommend our Watco Firm-Step® Sheets for this because they are very easy to install. They are heavy duty, anti slip fibreglass sheets which you just put into place and screw down. They can then be trafficked straight away which means you can put the area back into use almost immediately.

How do we make our concrete floor look smooth, glossy and be easy to clean? Do you have something that we can use ourselves without getting anybody in to do it for us?

Yes we do! Watco Resiflow Super Gloss is our new top of the range self-leveller. All you have to do is to mix the epoxy resin and other components, pour it onto the floor and spread with a squeegee. You end up with an amazingly hard wearing, super gloss finish which will last for years. It is ideal for heavy use and clean room areas and you don’t need to go to the expense of getting anybody in to do it for you!

Can you tell me how to make chequer plate steps anti slip? I currently paint it but it wears off easily, I don’t want to keep re-painting if the same thing is going to happen again. What can I do?

Painting a chequer plate surface is a bit of a nightmare as the paint just doesn’t stay on the high spots. Watco wouldn’t recommend going down the paint route again; instead use Safety Tape or Treads. They’ve got a flexible aluminium base which is perfect for chequer plate and all you do is peel off the backing and knock it into place using a rubber hammer. The tape and treads are tough, anti slip and fits around all the contours of the chequer plate.

How do I paint or seal the concrete floor in our garage workshop? Do you have a floor paint that won't lift with car tyres?

This is a common problem with single pack paints, especially if the car tyres are new. Tyres contain oils which soften paint, and if the car has been driven and the tyres are still warm, this makes it even worse. Don’t worry though; there is something that Watco would recommend - Watco Epoxy Gloss Coat. The epoxy resin is unaffected by the tyres and oils, it’s really hard wearing and it will stay on your floor and not on your tyres!

I’ve got a wooden mezzanine floor which tends to move a bit when heavy traffic goes over it. Do you sell flexible floor paint?

Watco Flexicoat is ideal for this. It is designed to go on to flexible surfaces and it won’t crack if the wood moves. It is also a really good waterproofer, so if you have any areas where you might get a leak then this would be a good one to use.

Do you have any floor paint that’s suitable for dog kennels? We have tried to paint it in the past without much success. The paint scratches up easily and then starts to peel off in places.

Yes we do! Watco Safety Coat Cold Cure would be perfect for this. We often get asked this question and we always recommend this coating. You’re probably busy during the summer because it’s holiday season and therefore have to carry out maintenance in the winter. Watco Safety Coat Cold Cure is designed for low temperatures and has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. Also, if the coating is used in outside runs, you’ll be pleased to know that this doesn’t fade when the sun gets to it.

Which anti slip paint is best for a school playground?

Yes, we have been asked this before and yes we can help! Anti Slip Traffic Paint is the coating Watco would most certainly recommend. It is a non-abrasive anti slip coating which makes it perfect for any areas associated with where children play. It’s rubberised, which helps to cushion impact as well as sound, which is a bonus! The fine grade Firm-step range might also be worth considering.

How do I waterproof a plant room floor? I am worried about water leaking through into the offices below. I need something that is waterproof and flexible, can you help?

Watco Plant Room Coating is ideal for this because it is a thick waterproofer which makes it really good for filling in cracks and joints. It is also flexible so if there is any movement in the floor it won’t crack. It is chemical resistant and has excellent adhesion properties; you may also want to look at the Watco Chemi-Coat® range.

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