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Watco Flowtop

A smoothing leveller for resurfacing damaged or rough concrete surfaces

  • Fibre-reinforced for extra strength
  • Simply pour a new heavy duty floor
  • Can be painted if required
  • Takes forklifts at just 3mm thick
  • Smooth, non-dusting surface
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Bulk discounts save up to 10%
Quantity Price per item Discount
1+ €112.40 -
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Simply pour a new heavy duty floor

A fibre reinforced smoothing leveller for resurfacing rough or damaged interior concrete

Easily resurface a concrete floor

You don’t need to be a contractor or even a competent DIYer to resurface a concrete floor. By using a self-levelling resurfacer, such as Flowtop, you can cover entire areas of worn, damaged concrete leaving you with a smooth, hard wearing floor once more.

To prepare the area, simply sweep the floor and make sure there is no loose surface material or heavy oil and grease contamination. Then use a soft broom to brush the primers over the surface to create a thin and reasonably even film. When ready, mix the supplied resin and powder for approximately 3 – 5 minutes until an even colour and creamy consistency is obtained. To apply just pour and spread the leveller to the required thickness. Work the spiked roller immediately after application for a professional finish.

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Select an icon to see the benefit

A cost effective solution

When a concrete floor has become so worn that aggregate is exposed, it is no longer practical nor cost effective to continue maintaining it with simple patch repairs. As well as looking unsightly, badly eroded concrete surfaces can damage equipment and vehicles passing over it, pose trip hazards to pedestrians, and create dusty unhygienic environments to work in or visit.

Use Watco Flowtop to simply pour a heavy-duty industrial strength floor quickly and easily.

  • Suitable for: Interior concrete, sand and cement
  • Composition: Fibre reinforced, cement-based powder. A resin is added at point of use
  • Coverage: 3.7m² at 3mm thick, 2.3m² at 5mm thick and 1.1m² at 10mm thick
  • Curing: Light traffic: 6 hours. Full use: 24 – 36 hours.
  • Pack size: 25kg

Achieve a professional finish

Watco Flowtop is the ultimate concrete resurfacer for internal floors, available in 5 popular colours. Its pourable self smoothing leveller contains polyamide fibres which reinforce the micro-structure to make it even stronger and able to withstand pallet trucks and general industrial wear and tear, plus improve its shock and abrasion resistance.

Create a smooth uniform surface

To create an even professional surface, we recommend a spiked roller is used immediately after application to improve the finish and release any trapped air. Work the spiked roller uniformly across the surface rolling each area 3 or 4 times from different directions. The spiked roller should not be used for more than 20 minutes after the product has been applied as it will start to cure and the roller marks will not disappear.

Top Tip: Wearing spiked shoes whilst applying Watco Flowtop and using the spiked roller will make the application much easier.

At Watco, we have a history of excellence

When it comes to making repairs, we have the know-how. We've been providing durable and long lasting repairs for almost a century. Our products are put through rigorous testing, so you know they're not only easy to apply but will stand tough in the harshest of industrial environments.

Everything you need to know



Properties Pourable resurfacing material, high strength surface, smooth finish, quick and easy to apply, inherently slip resistant, can be over coated, high strength even at 3mm
Suitable for Concrete
Finish The surface is inherently anti slip in dry conditions
Interior or Exterior Interior
Primer required Yes, included in pack
Composition Fibre reinforced, cement based powder. A resin is added at point of use
Number of components 1 x powder, 1 x resin and 2 x primer
Coverage Approximately 3.7m² at 3mm thick per 25kg. 2.3m² at 5mm thick, 1.1m² at 10mm thick.
Recommended number of coats 1
Application tools Mixing Blade, Spiked Shoes, Steel Float or trowel, 7” Spiked Roller
Application Apply using a trowel then immediately spike roller the surface.
Curing time (at 20°C) 6 hours
Minimum application temperature 10°C
Maximum application temperature 30°C
Pot life Up to 20 minutes at 20°C
Storage Between 15°C - 25°C for at least 8 hours prior to use. Do not allow to freeze
Shelf life 12 months in unopened container
Depth (mm) 3mm
Cleaning When fully cured, Watco Flowtop can be cleaned with detergents or degerasers. Do not subject to temperatures in excess of 60°C
Cleaning tools Water may be used before Watco Flowtop starts to cure


Surface preparation

Concrete should be reasonably clean and free of loose surface material. A good sweep with a stiff broom is usually sufficient.

Remove heavy oil and grease contamination using Watco Concroff or a similar degreasant. It does not matter if the concrete is damp.

For painted and sealed surfaces remove as much flaking and poorly bonded material as possible.

Mixing and application

Two primers are supplied. Dampen any areas of bare concrete with clean cold water and leave for 20-30 minutes. Apply Primer 1 to the prepared surface using a brush or soft broom and allow it to soak into the concrete for at least 15-20 minutes. Primer 1 can be left overnight to dry if time permits. Primer 2 can be applied whilst Primer 1 is still tacky or if Primer 1 has completely dried. Apply the primers reasonably evenly to avoid ponding on the surface. We supply sufficient Primer 2 to allow for very absorbent surfaces, and application to less absorbent surfaces will require less than we supply. Apply only as much as is required to provide a thin, reasonably even film without ponding. If excess Primer 2 is used it can bleed through the wet Flowtop and dry on the surface. Although any dried primer will wear off as the floor is put into use, it can lead to problems if the Flowtop is going to be painted.

Immediately after Primer 2 has been applied you should begin mixing the supplied resin and powder. We recommend that the complete pack of powder and resin are used rather than splitting them for separate mixes. Empty the large bottle of resin into the bucket and gradually add the powders ensuring complete dispersion, stirring and blending using a slow speed drill fitted with a mixing blade. Continue mixing for approximately 3-5 minutes until an even colour and creamy consistency is obtained. The mixed components should be used immediately.

Pour the mixed components on to the prepared surface. For best results the Primer 2 should, at this stage, be uniformly wet over the surface. Apply more primer if required to any areas which may have dried out although ponding should be avoided. Using a rectangular trowel spread the mixed components across the surface of the concrete at the desired thickness. It may be convenient to work to a thin batten for depth and edge control but this must be removed before further sections are treated. It is not essential that trowel marks are removed at this stage. Immediately after application a Spiked Roller should be used to improve the finish and release any trapped air. Work the Spiked Roller uniformly across the surface rolling each area 3 or 4 times from different directions. The Spiked Roller should not be used more than 20 minutes after the product has been applied (less in warm or very dry conditions) as it will then start to cure and the roller marks will not disappear. Care should be taken not to tread wet primer or the mixed components onto surrounding surfaces. External applications in direct sunlight can lead to hairline crazing.

Please refer to Watco Customer Services Department for further advice.

Application guide

Application Guide
Case studies

Case studies

Test results

Test results

Extensive testing is what makes us the most highly qualified paint and repair manufacturer on the market. Our screeds and repair products are tested in areas of tensile, compressive strength and flexural strength.

Our key tests for Flowtop:

 Watco FlowtopConcrete
Tensile bond strength3.2MPa3.4MPa
Flexural strength12.8MN/m26.9MN/m2
Compressive strength29.8MN/m229.8MN/m2

Learn more about the tests we carry out and how to read the results here
Full test results can be found on the Technical Data Sheet



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