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3 simple steps to the best Watco floor

It's never been easier to get the best Watco floor. With our three simple steps and industry-leading products, you'll have a surface that looks great and will last for years. From repairing your existing floors to preparing and painting your surface, our flexible range of specialist formulations provide a new look to your floor that is professional and strong.

Repairing any damaged floor before painting is vital to ensure the longevity, aesthetics, and overall performance of the painted surface.

Preparation and priming create a strong bond between the surface and the paint, reducing the risk of peeling, flaking, or chipping over time.

Painting a floor offers a multitude of benefits, ranging from aesthetics and protection to durability and ease of maintenance.


Painting a used floor can highlight surface damage, making chips and scratches more prominent. Our premium range of Concrex repair products offers effective solutions to address these issues. This exceptional range includes Concrex Carbon Fibre, the number one epoxy resin floor repair mortar on the market, Concrex Cold Set for application in cold conditions, Concrex Flex designed for floors subject to vibration, and Concrex Deep Fill for filling deeper holes. These top-notch products ensure the best possible repairs for your floor, leaving it in excellent condition for painting and beyond.


Before painting, it is crucial to ensure that surfaces are clean and dry. Whether you are dealing with a large loading bay, warehouse facility, car park, small garage workshop, or anything in between, thorough preparation is essential, especially if the floor faces heavy traffic and regular spillages. Our range features user-friendly cleaners and etchers specially crafted for challenging substrates. Additionally, our Epoxicote High Build Primer is a single-coat solution for smooth or powerfloated floors which would otherwise reject a coating.


When it's time to paint your floor, you need a product that ensures ultimate protection. Epoxicote High Build, our 100% solids epoxy formulation, delivers the perfect finish, capable of enduring heavily trafficked environments. Just one coat is enough and allowing it to dry overnight is recommended. Not only will the floor look impressive, but it will also withstand the test of time, enduring for years against forklifts, chemical spillages and tyre marks.

Top FAQs for achieving the best floor

Do you have a quick-setting repair solution for broken concrete floor joint edges that are being worsened  by forklifts?

Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre is perfect for this. It's so tough and will easily cope with forklifts and cures in just 1 hour. Just mix the epoxy resin mortar, trowel into the joint and smooth off. You don't need to cut the joint out, just rake out any dirt that's within the joint.

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Do I need to etch new concrete before I paint it?

If the concrete has never been painted or sealed before, etching is a perfect way to make sure that the paint bonds. Our etchant, Watco Etch & Clean, removes loose and weak bits of cement and opens up the texture to allow the paint to penetrate. It's also really good at removing dirt. Once you've used Watco Etch & Clean the floor will be ready to paint.

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Do you have a a floor paint that is resistant to chemicals and wear and tear from heavy machinery?

Watco Epoxicote High Build coating provides superior and long-lasting protection. Easy to apply and with multiple colours to choose from, one thick coat is enough to create a glossy and strong finish that offers excellent chemical resistance to warehouses, garages, receptions and oil and chemical areas.

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Our best selling floor repair, preparation and paint products

Bulk Discounts
Watco Concrex® Carbon Fibre - Epoxy Repair Mortar

Watco Concrex® Carbon Fibre - Epoxy Repair Mortar

For super strength long lasting repairs to concrete floors, ramps & steps

From €127.35 (Ex VAT)

Watco Concroff

Watco Concroff

Lifts grease and oil from bare concrete

€37.30 (Ex VAT)

Watco Epoxicote High Build Primer

Watco Epoxicote High Build Primer

Epoxy resin primer for preparing bare concrete for painting

€100.35 (Ex VAT)

Bulk Discounts
Watco Epoxicote High Build

Watco Epoxicote High Build

Extra thick for heavy traffic areas in warehouses, garages, receptions, oil & chemical areas

From €216.35 (Ex VAT)

Bulk Discounts
Watco Concrex Deep Fill

Watco Concrex Deep Fill

The ultimate strong repair formula for deeper holes in high traffic areas

€268.75 (Ex VAT)

Watco Etch & Clean

Watco Etch & Clean

Essential for preparing bare concrete ready for painting

€42.90 (Ex VAT)