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How to Resurface a Concrete Floor Using Flowtop®


Watco Flowtop® is a pourable self-smoothing resurfacing product, ideally used for levelling damaged concrete. It contains polyamide fibres that reinforce the micro-structure to make it even stronger and improve resistance to shocks and abrasion.

Easy to mix and apply, Watco Flowtop® has 33% greater compressive strength than most concrete surfaces - and 90% greater tensile strength. As a result, the finished surface is extremely durable and is suitable for forklift truck traffic and general industrial use within hours.

  • Durable and non-slip
  • Extremely resistant from a depth of 3mm
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Can be painted if necessary

Application time:
30 minutes

Curing time: 
6 hours






What you'll need

Bulk Discounts
Watco Flowtop

Watco Flowtop

A pourable, self-levelling resurfacer for damaged concrete

From €96.10 (Ex VAT)

Watco Bio D

Watco Bio D

A heavy duty biodegradable cleaner for floor preparation

From €24.30 (Ex VAT)

Mixing Blade

Mixing Blade

A metal mixer ideal for mechanically mixing paint

€13.80 (Ex VAT)

Watco Flowtop Spiked Roller

Watco Flowtop Spiked Roller

Releases air bubbles from Watco Flowtop®

From €12.90 (Ex VAT)

10" Steel Float Flowtop/Flowpatch

10" Steel Float Flowtop/Flowpatch

Ideal for smoothing and levelling off repair materials

€8.30 (Ex VAT)

Stiff and Soft 12" Brooms

Stiff and Soft 12" Brooms

A multi-purpose broom ideal for cleaning prior to painting

From €12.10 (Ex VAT)

Spiked Shoes

Spiked Shoes

Allows walking over uncured coatings or screeds

€33.90 (Ex VAT)