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How to Apply Watco Safety Grip

Watco Safety Grip is a heavy duty, coarse textured chemical resistant, anti slip two pack epoxy resin coating designed to provide a safe environment inside and out. Using one high build coat of Safety Grip minimises the risk of accidents throughout the workplace, particularly for wet or oily areas.  All grades now carry CE Mark EN 1504-2 and have test results for slip resistance, abrasion, scratch and impact resistance, as well as for adhesion and hardness. They are also chemical resistant and have an A+ VOC emissions rating with a low level of VOC.

Also available in Cold Cure, Flex and Rapid formulations.

  • Tough, Coarse, anti slip floor finish for areas that are wet and prone to oil spills
  • Positive traction for pedestrians and heavy forklift traffic
  • Two part coating with excellent abrasion resistance
  • One coat, high build application for use indoors and outdoors
  • Cold Cure, Flex and Rapid formulations available

Curing time: 
24 hours at 20°C




What you'll need

Watco Etch & Clean

Watco Etch & Clean

Essential for preparing bare concrete ready for painting

€42.90 (Ex VAT)

Mixing Blade

Mixing Blade

Drill attachment ideal for mixing paint or pourable mortars

€16.15 (Ex VAT)

Watco Painting Kit

Watco Painting Kit

Everything you need to help with floor painting

From €61.55 (Ex VAT)

12" Roller Frame & Handle

12" Roller Frame & Handle

A sturdy roller applying floor coatings

From €10.90 (Ex VAT)