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28th September 2022 

Same name. New results. Watco’s flexible coatings are back and better than ever! 

Watco, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance industrial strength paint, repair and maintenance materials, has recently brought back their most popular flexible floor coatings; Flexicoat and Safety Grip Flex. 

Flexible floor coatings are ideal for floors subject to movement. Their polyaspartic formulations enable them withstand vibrations and therefore move with the floor, this makes them perfect for areas such as ramps, mezzanines and balconies, as well as floors affected by vibrating machinery. A more conventional coating would simply be unable to withstand the movement and would therefore be likely to crack, peel or flake leaving an unsightly mess. 

Flexicoat is in its element in areas where equipment may leak. With exceptional chemical resistance and waterproofing qualities, it provides peace of mind and smooth protection where you need it the most. Flexicoat really shines in its versatility as it can be applied on many surfaces including concrete, wood and metal. 

Safety Grip Flex, on the other hand, excels in car parks, loading bays and entrance ways for factories and warehouses. It’s coarse anti slip finish provides safety underfoot, even on wet and oily floors. With it’s new polyaspartic formulation, it now provides a significantly harder wearing coating with exceptional resistance to UV-fading, to keep your surfaces looking better for longer. 

Learn more about Watco’s new flexible formulations: 


Safety Grip Flex: