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Nullifire FF197 Fire Rated PU Construction Foam 750ml

A moisture-curing foam particularly suited to fire doors and linear gaps

  • Works with generic plastic and wooden packers
  • No architrave required – but can be added if required
  • Tack free in just 10 minutes
  • Up to 4 hour fire resistance on linear gaps
  • Stops smoke and fire in gaps up to 35mm
  • Gives 30 minutes on softwood stud wall door sets
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Nullifire FF197 Fire Rated PU Construction Foam is a modified, single component fire rated polyurethane foam used to seal door frames and linear gaps throughout the fire rated areas of the building. It cures to form a semi-rigid foam that can accommodate some degree of movement of the joint.

FF197 Fire Rated PU Construction Foam acts as an effective fire seal for up to 4 hours when used with FS702 Intumastic Fire Resistant Acrylic Sealant or FS703 Silicone Sealant.

Recommended areas of use

Nullifire FF197 Fire Rated PU Construction Foam is suitable for use with plastic or timber packers (fire door) and can be used in the following door installations:

  • Single door
  • Door and a quarter
  • Door and a half
  • Double doors


  • Up to 4 hour fire resistance on linear gaps – tested to BS EN 1366-4 (fire door)
  • Ideal for gaps up to 35mm
  • Tested without architrave (fire door)
  • Excellent acoustic performance – up to 62 dB
  • Tack free in 10 minutes
  • 2-in-one gun and nozzle canister


Surface preparation:

Ensure suitability of the product prior to use. Protect all surrounding areas and substrates that are required to remain free of FF197, using a suitable protective barrier. The surface must be solid and stable. Remove all loose particles, dust, and grease. A quicker cure can be attained by moistening the substrates if needed.


  • Immediately prior to use, shake the canister vigorously at least 20 times.
  • Remove the protective cap and screw onto the Nullifire PU foam gun or use the nozzle provided.
  • Fill approximately 80% of the required depth of the cavity because the foam will expand.
  • Work upwards on all vertical surfaces.
  • The foam is firmly set in approximately 1 hour (depending on temperature and humidity); excess can be trimmed with a suitable cutting knife.
  • Applying a light misting of clean water between each layer before subsequent application will provide a faster cure and increase density.


Safety Data Sheets are provided, please read for pre-application guidance and relevant application details prior to application. 
Use in well-ventilated conditions and ensure all recommended protective equipment is worn during handling and use of this product. For full recommendations, refer to Safety Data Sheet.

Important information:

  • Use in well-ventilated conditions
  • The cured foam is adversely affected by UV light and should be covered with a suitable sealant such as FS703.
  • For nozzle application, invert the can and direct the nozzle into the gap and press gently on the adaptor to establish a correct flow rate.
  • Ensure the surface to be cleaned is solvent-resistant prior to using or applying AA290 as a cleaning agent.
Test results

Test results

Extensive testing is what makes us the most highly qualified paint and repair manufacturer on the market. Our tests cover just about everything you might want to know about a product.

Key tests for Nillifire FF197 Fire Rated PU Construction Foam:

  • Fire performance: Nullifire FF197 will withstand fire up to 4 hours when tested to BS EN 1366-4 and BS EN 1634-1
  • Tensile strength: Results at 81 kPa when tested to FEICA TM 1018.
  • Shear strength: Results at 57 kPa when tested to FEICA TM 1012.
  • Compression strength: Results at 47 kPa when tested to FEICA TM 1011.
  • Thermal conductivity: results at 0.036 W/m.K when tested to EN 12667.

Full test results can be found on the Technical Data Sheet. 

Data sheets

Data sheets

Safety data sheets

Safety Data Sheet

Technical data sheets

Technical Data Sheet

Declaration of performance

Nullifire - FF197
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Nullifire FF197 Fire Rated PU Construction Foam 750ml