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Watco Asphalt & Concrete Resurfacer

Seals and resurfaces damaged and worn asphalt. Roll-on. No primer needed

  • No primer required
  • Flexible, waterproofing finish
  • Quick drying
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance
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Watco Asphalt & Concrete Resurfacer seals and resurfaces damaged and worn asphalt. It forms a flexible, sealed, waterproof surface that transforms old asphalt and tarmac.

Recommended areas of use

  • Car parks
  • Floors
  • Garage
  • Yard
  • Walkways
  • Manufacturing/Production Areas


  • Easy 12" Paint Roller or paint brush application
  • Matt, slip resistant surface
  • No primer required
  • Non-hazardous and low odour acrylic formula
  • Flexible system to cope with natural movements in the asphalt
  • Excellent adhesion and covering power
  • Quick drying (24 hours for light traffic)
  • Excellent resistance to UV and weathering
  • Can be applied at 1mm to 2mm in one layer, several layers, can be applied to cover badly worn patches
  • Suitable for pedestrian and light-medium traffic (cars, not HGV’s or forklifts)
  • Available in Black, Tile Red, Green and Dark Grey


Suitable for Old asphalt/tarmac, concrete, brick, masonry
Finish Matt, smooth
Interior or Exterior Exterior
Composition Single pack, water based acrylic
Coverage 15m2 at 2mm thick per 25kg
Number of coats 1
Recommended number of coats 1
Application tools Medium pile roller
Dry film thickness 800 microns
Curing time (at 15°C) 15 hours
Minimum application temperature 15°C



Watco Asphalt & Concrete Resurfacer is flexible to allow for some movement in asphalt surfaces. Ensure surfaces are clean and free of loose material by brushing with a stiff broom and clean water. Allow to become dry, or almost dry, before applying the Asphalt & Concrete Resurfacer. If the surface has been previously painted, remove as much paint as possible by mechanical means. Any remaining paint should be well bonded and lightly abraded to provide a key.

Watco Bio-D, a bio-degradable water based degreasant can be used for grease removal from concrete and asphalt. Watco Asphalt & Concrete Resurfacer can be applied to a damp, but not wet, substrate. Damp down porous surfaces (but do not leave standing water) before application.


Stir the contents well with a wide bladed mixing tool to ensure that the product has not settled in transit.

Watco Asphalt & Concrete Resurfacer  Application

Apply only in dry conditions (above 10°C and below 35°C). Do not apply in cold, damp conditions or when rain is forecast. In warmer conditions 25°C-35°C dry, hot surfaces should be slightly dampened first. Pour onto the surface and spread in one direction using a squeegee or roller to achieve a smooth finish. Alternatively it can be overrollered with a textured roller to create an anti slip finish. Do not apply the product in layers thicker than 2 mm. Never add water to the product.

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Watco Asphalt & Concrete Resurfacer