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Powerfloat Sealer

Seals smooth concrete without the need for mechanical preparation

The easy way to seal smooth concrete

Our Powerfloat Sealer has been specifically created to make it easier than ever to seal powerfloated concrete floors by eliminating the need for expensive preparation.

Powerfloat Sealer

Easy to coat

Previously you'd either have to grind or shotblast the floor to provide a key for the sealer. But thanks to Powerfloat Sealer's unique epoxy formulation, you can apply it directly to the smooth surface with a roller.

Dries quickly

Ready for heavy traffic in just 16 hours at 15-20°C. Combine this without the need to shotblast the surface beforehand, Powerfloat Sealer is guaranteed to save you time and money.

Quicker to seal

Powerfloat Sealer eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming preparation. Our unique formula is easy to apply directly to the smooth concrete using a roller, saving you time and money. Try it for yourself.

Done in one

Just one coat seals, protects and resists dust to keep your floor looking great for years to come. Available in 4 finishes: matt, gloss, gloss anti-slip and matt anti-slip.

Powerfloat Sealer

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