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Watco Powerfloat Sealer

Special formulation for smooth, power floated concrete

  • Apply direct to power floated or smooth, non-porous concrete
  • No need for expensive mechanical floor preparation
  • Retains the attractive, smooth floor surface
  • Tough, easy clean epoxy resin formulation
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Watco Powerfloat Sealer is specially designed for very smooth, hard, power floated concrete floors. Such surfaces should usually be shotblasted or ground to provide a key, but this unique epoxy resin formulation can be simply applied by roller directly to the smooth surface. Removing the need for blasting or texturing means the attractive smooth surface of the concrete is maintained and costly shotblasting work is avoided.

Please note: Whilst Powerfloat Sealer avoids the use of mechanical preparation, diamond grinding or shot blasting does provide a better finish overall and is recommended. For smaller areas where mechanical abrasion is difficult Powerfloat Sealer is a great back-up option.

Recommended areas of use

  • Power floated or glazed concrete


  • Apply direct to power floated or smooth non-porous concrete
  • Retains the attractive, smooth floor surface
  • No need for expensive mechanical floor preparation
  • Tough, easy clean epoxy resin formulation


Properties Two pack epoxy resin supplied as a 5L unit
Suitable for Power floated or very smooth concrete
Finish Clear, smooth
Interior or Exterior Interior
Primer required No
Composition 2 part, water based epoxy resin
Number of components 1 x resin, 1 x curing agent
Coverage Approximately 40m² per 5L per coat
Number of coats 1
Recommended number of coats 1
Application tools Medium pile roller. Cut in using a brush
Dry film thickness 100 microns
Curing time (at 15°C) 16 hours
Minimum application temperature 15°C
Pot life 2 hours at 20°C
Storage Between 15°C - 25°C for at least 8 hours prior to use. Do not allow to freeze
Shelf life 24 months in unopened container


Surface preparation

New concrete should be allowed at least 28 days to dry. Surfaces should be clean, dry and free from oil, grease, dust, dirt and other contaminants. 


The tall outer tin contains a tin of Resin and a tin of Curing Agent. Remove these two tins and stir the contents of each thoroughly. Decant both tins into the tall outer tin. The two components should then be very thoroughly mixed together using a wide bladed stirrer. A wooden batten at least 25mm wide is ideal. Mix for 2-3 minutes until an even consistency is obtained. Both liquids are opaque white/off white in colour and it is important to ensure complete mixing to allow the cure reaction to happen. The resin component of Powerfloat Sealer Anti Slip contains a pre-blended aggregate.


Decant the mixed components into a roller tray and apply using a medium pile type roller. A brush may be used for cutting in. Important – apply to a well ventilated area of no less than 40m2 . If this product is applied too thickly and/or the area is not sufficiently ventilated to allow a ‘through’ draught, it could fail to dry from white to clear. Aim to apply the mixed components within one hour (they are useable for up to 2 hours maximum at 20°C). Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C or above 30°C. Cold or damp conditions may retard or prevent full curing. The two components for Powerfloat Sealer and Powerfloat Sealer Anti Slip are white, but the coating will cure to a clear finish within 2 hours

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Watco Powerfloat Sealer