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Britax Excelsior

Project details

Britax, a Hampshire based company founded in the 1930s, have been ordering Watco’s products on a regular basis. The company which focuses on the development of car seats, baby carriers, children’s bicycle seats and prams, needed to paint their production area and instantly thought of Watco’s extensive range of hard wearing floor coatings. 

As Britax were painting over an existing floor coating they required advice from Watco's experienced technical advisors. As Watco products are only as strong as the surface underneath it, it was important to ascertain the state of the existing surface. As long as the existing coating was well bonded and not flaking or peeling the floor could be over painted after a thorough clean and light abrasion. 

If the surface had not been sound; this is often the case in areas that are subject to heavy wear and tear on a regular basis, the floor would have had to have been heavily abraded using a shot blasting machine until it was taken back to its original state. Once the floor had been degreased and left to dry completely could it then be painted. 

Our solution

As Britax’s floors were sound all they needed to do was clean the floor with Bio D, then, once completely dry two coats of Epoxy Gloss Coat could be roller applied. Epoxy Gloss Coat was chosen for its high durability and attractive gloss finish, in addition to its quick drying formula. 

Britax commented that the delivery of their products were, “as always, excellent”. They also said that they, “found the product easy to apply by roller and there was very little smell so user friendly”. 

The area Britax were renovating was under constant pallet truck and occasional fork truck use, for this reason the work needed to be completed over a weekend. Work started on a Friday afternoon at the end of the shift beginning with cleaning the surface, waiting for it to dry and then applying the first coat of Epoxy Gloss Coat, which was left to cure overnight. The second coat was applied on the Saturday afternoon so this left a full day on Sunday for the floor to fully harden without taking any traffic on it so that it could go back to being used on the Monday morning.

Both Watco and Britax were very pleased with the finished area, completing the work on time as well as being able to work together. 

If you have a similar area to paint or would like to enquire about any of Watco's products please do not hesitate to contact the sales team on 01 6725 180 or email

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