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Nullifire FP302 Intustrap

An extremely flexible rubber-based pipe closure device

  • Tested to withstand up to 4 hours fire resistance
  • Suitable for use in many substrate types
  • Remains permanently flexible
  • Unaffected by moisture
  • Easy to inspect
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Nullifire FP302 Intustrap is a rubber-based product with graphite impregnation that creates an extremely flexible pipe closure device. The product remains dormant, until exposed to fire conditions, at which point it will expand to fill the space left by the melting combustible element. FP302 has a release tape on one side. This permits the thermal expansion of services, if required, and eases its application, allowing the product to slide freely along the pipe to its end location.

Recommended areas of use

  • Use around combustible pipes, insulated non-combustible pipes, and conduits (filled or empty).
  • Suitable for a range of combustible elements, up to a maximum diameter of 160mm in floors and 110mm in walls.
  • FP302 is required to be restrained within a suitable tested substrate or included within other Nullifire tested system solutions. These include but are not limited to: Rigid walls and floors, FB750 Intubatt and FR320 Intucompound.


  • Up to 4 hours fire resistance – tested to BS EN 1366-3 and to BS 476 Pt 20/22
  • Suitable for use in many substrate types
  • Remains permanently flexible
  • Easy to inspect


Surface preparation:

Clean all abutting surfaces, ensuring loose particles, oils, grease or corrosive material have been removed.

Ensure all services passing through the compartment penetration are suitable for use with FP302 and have been installed to the satisfaction of all relevant parties (we recommend checking TDSs supplied by the manufacturer of the service).

Consult the relevant service manufacturer’s TDS for all combustible pipes to ascertain if any special requirements may be necessary.


Consult Application requirements table and apply for the correct number of layers and, if required, rows, to suit both the substrate type and EI requirements.

Locate the FP302 to the correct perceived location within the compartment reinstatement seal type chosen and secure it with duct tape only to itself, to retain product layers.

For detailed installation instructions for rigid walls and floors and flexible floors, please view the Technical Data Sheet.


Safety Data Sheets are provided, please read for pre-application guidance and relevant application details prior to application. 

Important information:

  • Individual rolls of FP302 must be separated by a release paper when stacked unpackaged.
  • FP302 is tested with inspection in mind. The product should protrude from all substrates by a maximum of 10mm. This enables easy inspection.
  • FP302 may also be installed anywhere within the floor flab, up to 300mm from the underside of the soffit. We recommend installation is at the top of the bottom face to prevent destructive inspection requirements.
  • FP302 should be installed symmetrically in flexible wall systems within FB750 Intubatt.
  • Do not use around CPVC pipes; for this specific application please use FS719 HP Blue for CPVC.
  • If used around Pegler X-press carbon steel pipes, the pipe manufacturer should be consulted and their recommendations followed.
  • When using FR230, if the service type requires thermal expansion, FP302 should be at the full depth of the FR230 primary seal if an alternative thermal accommodation joint has not been used.
  • The product is tested with or without the release tape in position, so it can be used with or without the release tape present.
Data sheets

Data sheets

Safety data sheets

Safety Data Sheet

Technical data sheets

Technical Data Sheet

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Nullifire - FP302
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Nullifire FP302 Intustrap