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Watco Food Safe Coating

Specialist polyaspartic resin coating ideal for use in food storage or preparation environments

  • Meets requirements for EN14/3 (Food taint test)
  • Rapid drying - 2 coats in a day
  • Can be applied at a temperature range of minus 10-30°C
  • Excellent abrasion and UV resistance
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Watco Food Safe Coating uses the latest polyaspartic resin technology for a high quality, highly wear resistant coating that has been tested and has EN71/3 and taint test certification. It is ideal for normal food preparation environments as well as cold food storage areas such as walk-in fridges. It will cure in refrigerated areas (down to -10ºC) where other conventional paints will fail to dry. 


  • Tested to EN71/3 as a non-toxic product
  • Takes heavy wear and tear
  • Fast curing, re-coatable in only 5 hours
  • Can be applied between -10ºC and 30ºC
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Steam cleanable


Suitable for Concrete, old asphalt/tarmac, well bonded paint, some metals, wood
Finish Glossy, smooth
Interior or Exterior Exterior, Interior
Composition 2 part polyaspartic resin
Coverage 25m² per 2.5L per coat
Number of coats 2
Recommended number of coats 2
Dry film thickness 85 microns
Curing time (at 20°C) 6 hours
Minimum application temperature -10°C
Pot life 25-30 minutes at 15ºC


Surface preparation

All surfaces must be -10°C or above and free from ice or water. Concrete to be treated must be at least four weeks old, completely dry and free of contaminants. Grease or oil should be removed with Watco Bio-D (or a similar emulsifying degreasant) and the area thoroughly washed off and allowed to dry.

Very smooth concrete or concrete with surface laitance (a weak dusty layer) should be abraded or etched with Watco Etch & Clean to ensure adequate adhesion. The concrete should be thoroughly washed down and allowed to dry after treatment with Watco Etch & Clean.

Watco Powerfloat Primer is recommended on powerfloated surfaces but it must be fully cured before overcoating. 

Previously painted surfaces should be diamond grinded thoroughly prior to application to achieve a consistently rough profile, and ensure all weakly bonded material is removed. Glossy or inadequately prepared surfaces may cause adhesion issues, so a thorough inspection is recommended to ensure no areas are missed, a bristle blaster can be used in any hard-to-reach areas. Thoroughly sweep the area following grinding; any loose material or dust can compromise adhesion. Bio-D can be used to remove any grease and oil from the surface following the grinding process, however, surfaces washed with Watco Bio D must be then thoroughly rinsed with water and allowed to dry fully, prior to coating. A trial area is advisable to test compatibility with previous coatings.

Below 5°C it may be necessary to avoid processes which involve wetting the floor due to the difficulty in drying. A good sweep or mechanical brushing may be sufficient.


Mix between 10°C and 25°C. Remove the two inner tins from the tall outer tin. Stir each tin thoroughly and pour all of the contents into the outer tin (scrape around the inside of the tins to remove any residue). Mix the components together thoroughly using a spatula or a similar wide bladed tool (a piece of wooden batten is ideal). Continue mixing until an even colour and consistency are obtained. Do not mix more than one pack at a time. If a paint stirrer fitted to an electric drill is used, use the spatula to blend in any unmixed material from the sides and bottom of the tin. Do not dilute.


If appearance is critical we recommend the application of a small trial area first.

Apply between -10°C and +30°C. The viscosity will be somewhat thicker at lower temperatures, reducing the coverage rates. The product should be worked out with a short pile roller to maximise the coverage and get the best performance from the product.

Test results

Test results

Extensive testing is what makes us the most highly qualified paint and repair manufacturer on the market. Our tests cover just about everything you might want to know about a floor coating – how well it bonds to the floor, how durable it is, how well it stands up to scratching, mechanical damage and much more.

Our top tests for Food Safe Coating:

  • Tested and certified safe for food production areas via a sensory evaluation test, standard TES-S-002. This test is crucial for food preparation environments where hygiene is important on all surfaces.
  • Superior performance demonstrated by ISO testing to CE mark EN1504-2

Learn more about our test results here.

Full test results can be found on the Technical Data Sheet

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