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Repairing floors in cold conditions

Floor damage happens all year round. Repairs should be carried out as soon as possible to avoid the risk of the damage worsening. During winter or in unheated areas, repairing damaged floors can be a concern as conventional repair products do not cure in cold conditions. That's why we have reformulated our original products so that they can cure at temperatures as low as zero, and we have developed a specialist range which will cope with temperatures down to minus 20°C.

Whatever the repair - cracks, holes or vertical surfaces - we have the products for you. Read on to find the best solution for your repair, or call our Technical Advisors on 01 6725 180 they are more than happy to help.

Repairing cracks

Fine Crack Filler Cold Cure

For cracks that are 2-5mm wide, we recommend Fine Crack Filler Cold Cure. It is a liquid epoxy resin which is poured into the crack and smoothed off with a trowel or spatula. Fine Crack Filler Cold Cure prevents water penetrating and freezing which can lead to further damage. Fine Crack Filler Cold Cure cures at 0°C so you can carry on with repairs when the temperature drops. 

For repairing wider cracks, we recommend either Concrex® Cold Set or Concrex® Sub Zero.

Repairing holes

If you are repairing shallow or deep holes over winter, we recommend a modified version of our original and bestselling Concrex. Concrex is an epoxy resin repair mortar and should be viewed as permanent. Its extreme strength means it can be used where sand and cement products would fail. It achieves full strength at only 5mm thick.

Concrex is so strong that it can be ‘feather edged’ around the repair, making surface repairs quick and easy.

  • Concrex® Cold Set – Identical to our original version, but it cures at 0°C.
  • Concrex® Sub Zero – Formulated with a 2-part polyaspartic resin which means it cures down to minus 20°C.
  • Concrex® Cold Set Deep Fill – Repairs holes over 50mm deep. This will economically fill deep holes to within 5mm of the finished floor surface. This can then be finished off with Concrex Cold Set for a smooth finish.

Tack Coat Sub Zero is an adhesive primer that should be used with all Concrex products to ensure superior adhesion.

If you have a thin repair on a flat surface, try Flowpatch® Sub Zero. The magnesium phosphate formula allows essential maintenance even in freezing conditions. Just pour into the hole or rough area and allow to dry. It can be used as a filler at 20mm to 100mm deep in one go, without having to build up layers.

Concrex® Cold Set
Concrex® Cold Set Deep Fill
Flowpatch® Sub Zero

External potholes and cracks


Potholes often form over winter. Water ingress is the main reason why this happens; when temperatures are low, water gets into the cracks, freezes and then expands. Add a substantial amount of traffic to the equation and you have car park full of potholes. For these repairs we recommend:

  • Bitu-Mend® – Quickly and easily fills potholes in all weather conditions. Just tip the mix into the hole, slightly overfilling and then compacting into place.
  • Bitu-mend® Deep Fill – Used to repair holes between 15-200mm deep in one application.
  • Road Patch Rapid – Ideal for all year-round use. This is an unusual magnesium phosphate formulation which will cure down to minus 20°C.

Repairing steps and ramps

Concrex® Cold Set

Damage to steps and ramps must be repaired quickly to avoid accidents. If the step nosing is damaged, Concrex Cold Set or Sub Zero can be used to reform the nose. If the stair tread is badly worn and uneven, it can be resurfaced using Tack Coat Sub Zero, followed by Concrex Cold Set or Sub Zero.

Repairing vertical surfaces

Concrex® Vertical Cold Cure

Concrex® Vertical Cold Cure is specially formulated to repair damaged concrete pillars, sills, lintels, beams, render and stonework in temperatures as low as 0°C. It is ideal for frost spalled concrete surfaces with exposed reinforcement. Apply at any depth without the need to build up layers. 


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