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Roof & Waterproofing Advice

Our extensive range of products, which includes sealants, roof coatings, waterproofing membranes and flashing tapes mean that most repairs and renovations can be carried out easily, even when it is raining. 

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3 reasons you should update your roof coating

Is your roof starting to look worse for wear? You probably need to consider applying a new roof coating. Don’t wait to perform this simple but important task. Here are 3 reasons you should update your roof coating as soon as possible. 

1. Waterproofing: this is the most important function roof coating products like Roofite perform. If you’ve been patching holes in your roof every year and hoping for the best, roof coatings will solve this problem. A rubberized asphalt roof coating that’s easy to apply provides a long lasting repair solution for your roof. Instead of torches and asphalt kettles, you simply apply it with a brush, roller, or notched squeegee depending on the surface type of your roof and allow it to fully cure. Roof coatings prolong the life of your roof by weathering the elements and bridging cracks, so that you’re not constantly worrying about leaks and damage, and you also don’t need to be performing regular repairs anymore. 

Roofite Solar Reflective


2. Heat reduction: when you apply a roof coating like Roofite Solar Reflective to your roof, you can expect the summer temperature in your facility to drop substantially. White roof coating products act as a reflective surface, sending heat from the sun’s rays away from your building rather than absorbing it like a black surface would do. This keeps the heat from increasing in the ceiling of your space and reduces the amount of work your air conditioners are required to do to keep the building a cool, comfortable, and safe workplace for your employees. 

3. Money and energy savings: we all know that everything used in a business has to fit with the bottom line somehow. The small investment you’ll make in roof coatings has a big payoff. By using your roof coating as a long-term repair solution, you’ll avoid the cost of having to do those annual patches, and you’ll be protecting your roof so that total roof replacement is much further off in the future rather than an impending expense. In addition, by reducing the temperature of your facility with a white roof coating, you’ll lower your energy usage and utility bills significantly.

Why should I choose a waterproof coating?

Using Watco Roofite®, which is a mixture of bitumen, rubber and fibre, will quickly waterproof leaks and help to extend the life of your roof. 

Watco Roofite® can be used on concrete, corrugated iron, tiles and matted surfaces; it is also an excellent solution for emergency roofing repairs to small areas.

How can I repair a roof using Watco Roofite®?

If you need to carry out any major roof repair or renovation, we recommend treating the entire roof. 

Watco Roofite® is a roof coating which is simple and easy to use, even when it is raining. Brush apply generously at one kilogram per 1 sq m on the surface and add a second coat if needed. 

If there are cracks or holes in your roof, use Watco Roofite® Repair Mortar, applied with a brush or trowel to fill them. 

For covering a large area of a roof quickly and easily use Watco Roofite® Pour and Restore. This thick, flexible waterproof coating bridges minor cracks and splits.

Roofite Repair Mortar
Roofite Pour and Restore

What available anti slip solutions are there for roofs?

Watco Anti Slip Liquid Roof Membrane provides a flexible, waterproof and anti-slip surface for flat roofs. This is particularly ideal for roofs where water tends to pool or where algae grows. It is fibre reinforced for extra protection and durability.

How do I waterproof a roof using Liquid Roof Membrane?

This single pack, cold applied coating is quick and easy to use over large areas. If applying over an existing similar type coating to offer additional protection, one coat is sufficient. Two coats are recommended on previously untreated surfaces simply to ensure that no patches are missed and there is a complete waterproof film. Anti Slip Liquid Roof Membrane provides extra safety for maintenance or emergency access routes.

What's the best way to repair a roof quickly?

Roofite Repair Mortar

Watco Roofite® Repair Mortar is the fast and convenient solution for fixing localised holes and leaks in roofs. It is thicker than conventional Watco Roofite® and is conveniently sized to store and use whenever necessary. 

Watco Roofite® Repair Mortar can be applied with a brush or trowel. It is easy to apply small cracks and holes and is immediately waterproof. It can be applied vertically or horizontally and will help prevent premature damage to your roof.

Featured waterproof and roofing products

Watco Roofite Solar Reflective

Watco Roofite Solar Reflective

Repairs, waterproofs and reflects heat

From €302.75 (Ex VAT)

Watco Roofite

Watco Roofite

Quick, easy and long lasting roof repairs

From €64.90 (Ex VAT)

Watco Liquid Roof Membrane Anti Slip

Watco Liquid Roof Membrane Anti Slip

Reinforced anti slip waterproof protection for flat roofs

From €115.50 (Ex VAT)

Watco Roofite Repair Mortar

Watco Roofite Repair Mortar

A thick, trowellable waterproofer for roofs, gutters and pipes

€71.55 (Ex VAT)

Roofite Pour & Restore 1 x 5KG

Roofite Pour & Restore 1 x 5KG

Thick, flexible and totally watertight roof coating

€63.40 (Ex VAT)

Watco Liquid Roof Membrane

Watco Liquid Roof Membrane

Reinforced waterproof protection for flat roofs

From €110.00 (Ex VAT)