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Fresh Paint with Watco


The client

The B+M Surface Systems GmbH, a supplier of industrial painting installations and automatic application systems, renovated their premises with Watco products: Bio D | Powerfloat Primer | Epoxy Gloss Coat

Our interview with Mr. Scheich from B+M Surface Systems GMBH

How did you find Watco?

Through the internet, we typed 'floor coating' into Google.

Why did you decide to work with Watco? 

To be honest, your products were not the cheapest, but we had a positive feeling that they would be very straightforward to use. We wanted to do the job ourselves and have that flexibility. With your competitor's products, the preliminary work would have been more difficult and time consuming. 

What is your impression of the advice from our technical advisors? 

The first contact was with Mr. Van Der Sande and we immediately felt in good hands. The problem was that the area that need renovation was covered in oil stains and loose material. He was very honest and told us that he couldn't give us a 100% guarantee that the products would work. Because of this, Watco sent us some product samples so we could set up a test area. We were impressed that Watco offered this service. 

Was it easy to apply the samples? 

Yes. When we received the samples, we arranged a test area as suggested by Mr. Van der Sande and let it dry for 3 to 4 days. The coating adhered well to the floor, so we placed our order with confidence.

How did you feel about the products on offer?

We found your homepage via Google and could choose all the products we needed from the wide range on offer. That was great for us. Mr. Van der Sande then helped us to fine tune the product selection and quantities so we had exactly what we needed.

How was the preparation with Bio D and how long did you wait between cleaning and application?

We applied it on a Thursday and waited until Friday.

How was the delivery?

The delivery was problem free and on time.

How was the application of Epoxy Gloss Coat?

We applied the product immediately, without a problem, which was much as we’d expected as the application of the Powerfloat Primer had also been very straightforward. It‘s important for us that our premises look professional, because we also want to use them as a showroom for our customers. An attractive floor makes a big difference.

And finally what did you think of the Easy Marking Tape

Since we wanted to mark out the walkways and, as usual, it had to be a quick and easy job, we decided to use this tape. All you have to do is simply remove the protective film on the back, stick it on the floor and the jobs done. It gives a clean line without a lot of expense. We were very impressed and would definitely use it again. We had a very good impression of Watco and as a customer, we felt in good hands.  

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