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Watco Flexible Joint Repair

For repairing broken expansion joints quickly and easily. A polyurethane mortar.

  • Fills and repairs joints and broken joint edges in one step
  • Halves the time taken by conventional joint systems
  • Ready for use in 8-12 hours
  • Flexible polyurethane mortar
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This tough, flexible filler means what is usually a two stage job is now just one simple process.
Most traditional flexible filler applications require two steps - reforming joint edges with mortar, and then filling the joint with expansion materials. Watco Flexible Joint Repair eliminates the need to reform joint edges, making the process one simple step rather than two.


  • Repair broken expansion joints quickly and easily - ready for use in only 8-12 hours
  • The flexible polyurethane mortar fills the joint and the broken concrete joint edges in one simple process
  • Strong enough to resist heavy traffic, including forklifts
  • 2.5L pack
Width (mm)10203050 100
Depth (mm)10 101525 25


Properties Flexible to cope with movement, hard surface for areas of heavy traffic and high use.
Suitable for Concrete
Surfaces Concrete, resin toppings and most common Floorsing materials.
Interior or Exterior Interior and exterior
Composition 2 part polyurethane and aggregate blend
Coverage Approximately 12.5 x 20mm wide x 10mm deep joint per 2.5L
Pot time (hours) Up to 45 minutes at 15-20°C.
Curing time 8 hours at 20°C
Minimum application temperature 15°C
Maximum application temperature 30°C.
Maximum operational temperature 30°C.



Rake out loose material from the floor joint. The joint sides should be clean and dry. Remove any grease or oil using Watco Concroff and allow to dry.

Tip - Masking tape can be used to provide neat edges. Deeper holes can be packed using Watco Back Up Rod or similar. Aim to leave 25mm for the Flexible Joint Repair.


It is important to mix the 3 components thoroughly. Empty the contents of the smaller tin into the larger tin and mix thoroughly with a spatula or similar wide bladed tool. A slow speed electric drill and mixing blade can be used but also use a spatula to scrape the inside of the tin. Empty the mixed components into the outer plastic bucket and gradually add the sand, mixing continually. Use immediately. 


Apply by brush and allow approximately 30 minutes to dry (at 20°C). Use at a temperature range of 10°C - 30°C. Trowel into the joint and smooth the surface with a trowel.

Tip – It is easier to achieve a smooth surface if the trowel is wiped with a cloth dampened with white spirit. If masking tape has been used, leave in place for about an hour before removing.

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Watco Flexible Joint Repair

Watco Flexible Joint Repair

For repairing broken expansion joints quickly and easily. A polyurethane mortar.

€101.64  (Ex VAT)