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Watco Flowpatch Repair Bundle Pack

Everything you need for quick repairs to holes in concrete

  • Save over €15 with our Flowpatch Repair Bundle Pack
  • Fast, pourable and strong repairs for heavy wear areas
  • Fibre reinforced for extra strength
  • Easy to use, rapid dry formula
  • Takes forklifts in just 2 hours
  • Just add water, mix and pour
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The Flowpatch Repair Bundle Pack provides you with everything you need to make quick repairs to damaged concrete floors, for just 146.50 – that’s a saving of over 15.



Flowpatch® is an easy to mix, pourable material for quick repairs to holes in level concrete, inside or outside. It is very strong and hardens quickly: it will accept heavy traffic including forklifts only 2 hours after application.



  • Just add water, mix and pour
  • Can be applied to damp (not wet) concrete
  • Sets at low temperatures (down to 5°C)
  • Flowpatch® can be applied from feather edge to 100mm
  • Light grey, slip resistant finish
  • Fibre reinforced

Learn more about Watco Flowpatch.


Mixing Blade

This paddle mixer is a sturdy metal mixing blade to be use with Flowtop and Flowpatch® to ensure an even mix is achieved. Can be washed and reused once application has finished.


Steel Float

A durable 10” steel float with a wooden handle ideal for Flowpatch® application.



Properties Quick setting, pourable patch repair for heavily trafficked floors, just add water, mix and pour, slip resistant finish, sets at low temperatures.
Suitable for For quick repairs to flat concrete inside or outside.
Surfaces Floors.
Interior or Exterior Interior and exterior.
Primer required No primer required.
Coverage Flowpatch: 0.5m² at 25mm thick approximately.
Curing time Pedestrian traffic: 30-60 minutes at 15-20°C, forklift traffic: 2 hours at 15-20°C.
Minimum application temperature 5°C


Surface preparation

The substrate should be clean and free from oil or contaminants. Any loose material should be removed from the surface. If possible wire brush the surface. Edges of the repair should be cut to depth to avoid feather edging in heavy wear areas. Watco Flowpatch can be applied to damp (not wet) concrete.


Remove the bag of powder from the plastic bucket and use the empty bucket or other suitable container for mixing. To mix, add the powder to water. Use a ratio of 175-225ml of clean cold water to 1kg of powder (as a guide approx. 3.5 units of powder by volume to 1 unit of water).

Due to the short working life of the mixed product, we recommend you carry out the mixing near to the repair, not near to the water source. It’s also useful to have a bucket of water nearby, so you can quickly immerse and clean the tools after use. Put the water into the empty bucket or container and gradually add the powder stirring constantly to achieve a pourable slurry. For small quantities mix by hand using a flat bladed tool such as a spatula, and for larger quantities use the mixing blade provided, fitted into a slow speed electric drill. Do not add excessive water or drying time will be extended and the performance may be impaired. As the mixture hardens quickly, pour the Flowpatch into the hole to be repaired immediately. We do not recommend re-stirring as this could potentially weaken the final repair. Do not mix more than you can use within a few minutes (5 – 10 minutes at 20°C). The remaining powder can be stored for future use. 


When a smooth consistency is achieved, simply pour Watco Flowpatch in to the hole. If the product has been properly mixed it will self level and will need minimal trowelling. Watco Flowpatch can be applied to any depth between 5mm and 100mm. Repairs in lightly trafficked areas can be feather edged, but thin edges are not recommended for medium or heavily trafficked repairs.

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Data sheets

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Watco Flowpatch Repair Bundle Pack

Watco Flowpatch Repair Bundle Pack

Everything you need for quick repairs to holes in concrete

€171.35  (Ex VAT)