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Make it safe, even in the cold

Slips, trips and falls often occur in the winter months when floors become wet, slippery and dangerous. These accidents are amongst the most common in the UK and can easily be prevented by applying an anti slip coating or installing Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).

Read our guide to learn more about our anti slip solutions and why these are best suited to your project, or call our Technical Advisors on 01 6725 180 and they will be more than happy to help.

Anti slip paints

Safety Coat Cold Cure
Polyaspartics - for sub zero conditions

Watco has pioneered the use of polyaspartic resins in Europe. This is a new type of paint technology which allows floor paints to dry in the coldest of temperatures. The polyaspartic resins are two-part products, with a base resin and an activator which are mixed together at the point of use to begin the curing process. See our products below:

  • Safety Coat Cold Cure - Make slippery floors safe during the winter months. Cures as low as minus 10°C.
  • Protecta-Coat Anti-Slip - A clear anti slip protective coating for painted or bare concrete floors which cures at minus 10°C.

100% solids epoxy resins - for less severe conditions
Safety Grip® Cold Cure

We have modified our 100% solids epoxy resin formulas, so they cure at colder temperatures. See our products below:

Find out how to get the best results when painting in the cold.

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

An instant safety solution for slippery surfaces is to install GRP. This is ideal for areas that cannot easily be painted. GRP is a practical solution that saves money and time as it's very quick and easy to install. We can cut to size and pre-drill the products free of charge, leaving you to just screw them in place. See our products below:

Firm-Step GRP Step Covers
Firm-Step Edge
Anti Slip GRP Treads

Testing for slip resistance 

Measuring the effectiveness of a non-slip treatment is carried out using a device called Pendulum SRT. The pendulum arm has a rubber pad at the end of its free end; this rubber acts as a sole. As the rubber sole passes over the ground a roughness mark is calculated. The standard requirement for pedestrian use is >45, this is measured from a highest (most slip resistant) score of 100.


The Pendulum Test Value (PTV) is measured in wet conditions. A number above 36 indicates a ‘low slip potential’.

High: 0-24 PTV

Moderate: 25-35+ PTV

Low: 36+ PTV

PTV Chart

Products TestedRatingAnti Slip Resistance
Safety Coat Cold Cure96High
Protecta-Coat Anti Slip62Medium
Epoxicote High Build Cold Cure Anti Slip66Medium
Safety Grip Cold Cure96High
Firm-Step Covers105High
Firm-Step GRP Edge85Medium
Anti Slip GRP Treads67Medium
Safety Tape106High
Surestep Treads71Medium
Conformable Safety Tape71Medium
Conformable Surestep Treads71Medium
Aluminium Nosing67Medium
Firm-Step Interior Sheet105High
Surestep Roll102High
Barefoot Safety Tape106High


Watco Safety Coat Cold Cure

Watco Safety Coat Cold Cure

Fine textured high performance coating for cold stores, walk-in fridges. Dries at -10°C

From €172.75 (Ex VAT)

Watco Protecta-Coat Anti Slip

Watco Protecta-Coat Anti Slip

For warehouses, walk-in fridges, exterior car parks. Exceptionally durable two-pack resin

€170.75 (Ex VAT)

Bulk Discounts
Watco Epoxicote High Build Cold Cure Anti Slip

Watco Epoxicote High Build Cold Cure Anti Slip

Our thick 'high build' anti slip coating for heavy traffic areas - with cold curing ability

From €233.80 (Ex VAT)

Bulk Discounts
Watco Safety Grip Cold Cure

Watco Safety Grip Cold Cure

For loading bays, walkways and entrances incl wet, oil and heavily trafficked areas. Cures at 0°C

From €162.35 (Ex VAT)

Bulk Discounts
Watco Firm-Step® Standard GRP Step Covers

Watco Firm-Step® Standard GRP Step Covers

An affordable and versatile solution for slippery steps

From €26.10 (Ex VAT)

Watco Firm-Step® Standard GRP Sheets

Watco Firm-Step® Standard GRP Sheets

Makes slippery walkways, ramps, and fire escapes safe

From €82.55 (Ex VAT)

Bulk Discounts
Watco Firm-Step GRP Edge

Watco Firm-Step GRP Edge

A virtually indestructible, anti slip GRP step nosing

From €26.80 (Ex VAT)

Watco Anti Slip GRP Treads

Watco Anti Slip GRP Treads

Ultra tough GRP for added grip on heavily trafficked steps

From €12.50 (Ex VAT)