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16th November 2023

Satisfying customer demand: Watco launches new Metal Paint with anti-rust protection. 


Watco, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance industrial strength paint, repair, and maintenance materials, continues to meet customer demand with its launch of a new protective coating which has been formulated specifically for application on metal surfaces.


Watco Metal Paint is a single pack coating with anti-corrosive properties, making it ideal for restoring, transforming, and protecting exterior and interior metal work and surfaces. With tough performance and reliable coverage, regardless of whether the surface is new, showing signs of rust or has fully rusted, Metal Paint's solvent-based alkyd formulation ensures a long-lasting, protective finish and is ideal for handrails, pipework, metal barriers, radiators or larger surfaces including garage doors.


Solvent-based metal paints are often associated with ‘yellowing’ – and the Watco team of chemists have acknowledged and addressed this concern. Watco Metal Paint offers a remarkable 70% reduction in yellowing when compared to conventional, solvent-based alternatives. Even better, it will resist blistering, cracking, or peeling with minimal colour distortion over time.


Available in over 190 standard RAL colours, Watco Metal Paint can be easily matched to existing painted surfaces, corporate colours or to identify with standard safety colours.  


Scott Saunders, Technical Sales Team Leader at Watco, commented

"Over the years, we’ve often been asked whether we supply any paints that can be used on metal. And although some of our coatings are suitable for use on metal surfaces (for example, Safety Grip), most of our coatings have been predominantly formulated for application on concrete or asphalt surfaces. It's fantastic to have a dedicated metal paint in our range.“

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