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Pourable Repair Mortar 25KG

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Watco Basics Pourable Repair Mortar is a quick and easy way to fill holes in concrete floors.  This blended polymer and cement formulation is strong enough to resist heavy foot traffic, trolleys and trucks; (for areas where there is regular forklift traffic, we recommend Watco Flowpatch).  Just take as much powder as you need out of the bucket, mix with water and pour – you don’t need a primer.

The mortar will not shrink as it dries and will take foot traffic after only 4 hours and trucks and trolleys after 6-8 hours. The product ‘flows’ to fill the hole making it unsuitable for ramps, steps or broken concrete edges; please select Watco Concrex (epoxy repair mortar) for this type of repair.

Recommended areas of use

  • Damaged, reasonably level concrete
  • Indoors or outdoors
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