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Floor Repair Mortar

Tough repairs for concrete floors

  • Easy mix polymer and cement formulation
  • Heavy traffic after only 4 hours
  • Non dusting, resists grease and oil
  • Repairs from 5mm to 100mm thick in one go
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Watco Basics Floor Repair Mortar can be used to fill holes in concrete inside and out.   It is strong enough to resist heavy foot traffic, trolleys and trucks; (for areas where there is regular forklift traffic, we recommend Watco Concrex).  Just take as much powder as you need out of the bucket, mix with water and trowel into place – you don’t need a primer.

The mortar will not shrink as it dries and will take full traffic after only 4 hours.

Recommended areas of use

  • Damaged floors, ramps and steps, inside and out.


Suitable for Concrete
Interior or Exterior Interior and exterior
Composition Powder blend of polymer and cement
Number of components 2
Coverage 1m² at 5mm thick per 25kg
Mix ratio 1 part water to 7 parts powder by weight or volume.
Curing time 2 hours at 20°C
Minimum application temperature 5°C
Shelf life 12 months in unopened containers.


Surface Preparation

Only basic preparation is necessary.  If the hole or patch to be repaired is just dirty and dusty, give it a good sweep. Watco Bio D can be used to remove oil and grease, or grease and loose material can be removed from small patches using a stiff broom or wire brush.


It does not matter if the floor has been left damp following any wet preparation.
Dampen dusty, porous surfaces with water in hot, dry conditions.
The mortar can be applied at any thickness between 5mm and 100mm. For deeper holes build up in layers, allowing the first layer of 100mm to dry for 12 hours.
If the edge of the repair is less than 5mm deep, chip some concrete away so that the edge of the mortar repair will be 5mm thick. For feather edge repairs which go to nothing please see Watco Concrex (epoxy resin mortar).
Remove the bag of powder from the Floor Repair Mortar bucket.
The mix is 1 part water to 7 parts powder by volume, or 10 parts powder to 1 part water by weight.
Only mix as much as you can use in 5-10 minutes. A cup can be used to measure the parts of water and powder.
Put the water into the plastic bucket.
Gradually add the powder mixing continuously. The ratio of water to powder is not critical, you just want the mix to be a consistency which can be easily trowelled into place.  If it looks too runny add more powder, or too stiff, more water.
Once you’ve stopped mixing and started using the product do not re-mix it.
Immediately place the mortar into the repair and trowel firmly into place. Wipe the trowel with a wet cloth to help get a smoother finish.


Resists oils and grease but not chemicals (see Watco Concrex).
Do not use at temperatures below 5°C. Watco Flowpatch Sub Zero is for cold weather repairs.
It can be applied up to 100mm. For deeper holes build up in layers, allowing the first layer of 100mm to dry for 12 hours.
Minimum repair thickness is 5mm. Not recommended for ‘feather edge’ repairs (see Watco Concrex).

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Data sheets

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Safety Data Sheet

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Technical Data Sheet
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Floor Repair Mortar

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