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Watco Chemi-Coat Rapid

A tough floor coating which hardens rapidly with good resistance to chemical spillages

  • Only one coat required
  • Light traffic in only 4-5 hours
  • High resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • Takes heavy traffic
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Watco Chemi-Coat® Rapid is a high build, tough floor coating which hardens rapidly and has good resistance to spillages of a wide range of chemicals. 


  • Easy to mix two part epoxy resin formula
  • Cures rapidly to form a high build (250–300 micron thick) glossy coating
  • Hard wearing surface ideal for heavy use areas
  • Only one coat usually required (although rapid curing allows 2 coats to be applied in one day)
  • Virtually solvent free formula which can be used over most existing paints and coatings
  • Will accept light traffic after 4 – 5 hours and normal traffic after 12 hours (at 20°C)
  • Approved for use on concrete with under floor heating systems (up to 30°C surface temperature)


Properties Excellent resistance to many chemicals, low solvent content, high build epoxy resin, excellent durability
Suitable for Concrete, well bonded paint, some metals
Finish Glossy, smooth
Interior or Exterior Interior
Primer required Yes on very porous surfaces
Composition 2 part, 100% solids epoxy resin
Coverage 18m² per 4L
Number of coats 1
Recommended number of coats 1
Dry film thickness 220 microns
Curing time (at 20°C) 8 hours
Minimum application temperature 15°C
Pot life 1 hour at 15°C


Surface preparation

Concrete and Brick - concrete to be treated must be dry, at least four weeks old and free of any soft surface laitance, contaminants, and not subject to rising damp. All loose material should be removed. Very smooth bare concrete or concrete with soft surface laitance should be etched with Watco Etch & Clean and the area thoroughly hosed off and allowed to dry. Grease or oil should be removed with Watco Bio D (or a similar degreasant) and the area thoroughly hosed off and allowed to dry. Very smooth previously painted surfaces should preferably be abraded to improve adhesion.

Steel - remove loose or flaking material, rust and any previous coatings by wire brushing or disc grinding to achieve a bright surface. Oil or grease should be removed with Watco Bio D and the metal then washed with water and allowed to dry. Coating should be carried out immediately providing flash rusting has not occurred.


Each Chemi-Coat pack consists of a container of curing agent and a container of resin. The curing agent and resin must be very thoroughly mixed together with a wide bladed tool until an even colour is obtained. 

Important: Once the contents of the pack have been mixed a chemical reaction takes place which causes a rise in temperature and speeds up the curing of the product.


If appearance is critical we recommend the application of a small trial area first.

Best results are obtained in warm conditions, (minimum 15°C). On horizontal surfaces apply with a medium pile type roller (not foam) in one coat. On vertical surfaces two thin coats are recommended. The second coat should be applied within 24 hours.

Test results

Test results

Extensive testing is what makes us the most highly qualified paint and repair manufacturer on the market. Our tests cover just about everything you might want to know about a floor coating – how well it bonds to the floor, how durable it is, how well it stands up to scratching and much more.

Our key tests for Chemi-Coat:

  • Chemical resistance: Excellent chemical resistance against the most common chemicals. Chemi-Coat Acid Strength has a modified formula, which makes it more resistant to acid – up to 98% sulphuric.
  • Flexibility: measured via the Mandrel Flex Tester ISO1519, Chemi-Coat measures at 2mm, which is the highest flexibility rating.
  • Gloss Value: 98 -  Measured on an Optical Glossmeter, +85% is High Gloss
  • Wolff-Wilborn Hardness test -  Chemi-Coat is rated 9H (the hardest)
  • Adhesion: 4.5MPa – Chemi-Coat well exceeds the CE pass mark which is greater than 2

Learn more about the tests we carry out and how to read the results here
Full test results can be found on the Technical Data Sheet

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Watco Chemi-Coat Rapid