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Watco Concrex Colours - Epoxy Repair Mortar

Coloured epoxy resin mortar for holes in heavy traffic areas

  • Virtually indestructible
  • Blends with existing coloured floors
  • Mix and apply in minutes
  • So strong it can be feather-edged
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Concrex Colours is a coloured epoxy resin mortar for a better blend with a coloured floor than sand and cement or Watco Concrex®. The ideal choice for repairs to floors, steps and ramps for heavy traffic. It can also be used as a coloured screed to provide an attractive, virtually indestructible floor surface. Compared with other repair mortars this formulation is particularly rich in epoxy resin. This provides superior strength and adhesion, making it ideal for very thin section, feather edge or intricate repairs.

Recommended areas of use

  • Suitable for use inside and out
  • Concrete, sand and cement, metal
  • Holes in concrete floors
  • Damaged steps
  • Broken floor joints
  • Eroded, uneven concrete


  • Cures to a granite-hard finish - virtually indestructible
  • Provides excellent chemical resistance and anti slip properties
  • Watco Tack Coat primer is essential for shall applications and screeding
  • Impervious and non-dusting
  • Concrex® Colours cures in 5-6 hours at ambient temperatures, ready for heavy traffic in 8-12 hours
  • Available in 10kg and 25kg packs
  • May be feather-edged
Properties Impervious and non-dusting, chemical resistant and anti-slip, virtually indestructible, may be feather-edged.
Suitable for Concrete, sand & cement and metal.
Surfaces Concrete, sand and cement, metal on floors, ramps, steps.
Interior or Exterior Interior and exterior
Primer required Watco Tack Coat is essential for shallow application, screeding, or if using on a damp surface.
Composition Finely graded sand pre-blended with resin. A 10kg unit includes 1 tin of coloured curing agent, and a 25kg includes 2 tins of coloured curing agent.
Coverage 10kg: 1.2m² at 5mm thick. 25kg: 3m² at 5mm thick.
Pot time (hours) Up to 30 minutes.
Application tools Steel float or trowel.
Curing time 3-6 hours at 15°C - 20°C for light traffic. 8-12 hours at 15°C - 20°C for heavy traffic
Minimum application temperature 10°C
Maximum application temperature Watco Concrex colours should not be subjected to temperatures above 60°C
Storage Between 10°C - 30°C. Do not allow to freeze.
Shelf life 12 months in unopened container.
Depth (mm) Up to 50mm for hole filling only. Do not use at more than 15mm for screeding. Instead use Watco Concrex Deep Fill finishing with a 5mm layer of Concrex Colours.
Principle limitations Do not apply to wet surfaces.Do not apply thicker than 50mm in one layer.
Cleaning tools Use white spirit before concrex colours cures.

Surface preparation

Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of all loose material. Wire brushing or sweeping is generally sufficient. Watco Bio D degreaser can be used to remove grease and oil. If the surface is damp, it can be primed with Watco Tack Coat.


A primer is not usually required if patch or crack repairing. Watco Tack Coat is recommended when applying Concrex as a thin section screed or when applying to smooth, non-porous or metal surfaces. Watco Tack Coat Damp Prime enables repairs to be made to damp areas.


Each pack of Concrex contains aggregate pre-blended with resin and the curing agent. If the entire pack of Concrex cannot be used within 30-60 minutes the products can be part mixed. To split a pack, carefully halve the aggregate/resin mix (ideally divide it by weight) and use half the number of curing agent bottles or tins. Do not split the contents of a curing agent bottle or tin. Do not mix inside the plastic bucket. Wearing protective gloves, tip the aggregate on to a Mixing Tray or board. Shake the bottles or tins of curing agent thoroughly until the liquid is a uniform colour. Form the aggregate into a mound and leave a small hole in the middle.

Empty the curing agent into the hole, ensuring the bottles or tins are completely drained. Carefully mix the aggregate with the curing agent using a trowel until a smooth mortar is obtained, this will take several minutes. The more thorough the Mixing, the ‘wetter’, smoother and more manageable the mix becomes. Alternatively, you can knead the mixture by hand, but you must wear suitable gloves. It is important to mix thoroughly until you achieve a consistent colour. Machinery such as a ‘Creteangle’ mixer or suitable open pan mixer can be used to ensure thorough Mixing of large quantities.


If appearance is critical we recommend the Application of a small trial area first.

Trowel firmly against the surface to be repaired, and finish with a trowel or float. To prevent ‘drag’ on the trowel, moisten a rag with white spirit and wipe it across the blade which will allow you to create a smooth finish. Concrex is normally applied in thicknesses of 5-50mm, but repairs can be feather-edged for a neat finish, as long as the majority of the repair is at least 5mm thick. For repairs deeper than 50mm, apply in separate layers (allow 6-8 hours between layers for curing) or use Watco Concrex Deep Fill (which can be applied 15-100mm thick in one layer). There is no need to reapply Watco Tack Coat if building up in layers.

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