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Anti Slip Epoxy Resin Floor Paint

A tough slip resistant paint with a low maintenance, long lasting finish

  • Takes forklift traffic
  • Good resistance to every day chemical spills
  • Virtually odourless water-based formulation
  • Mid sheen finish
  • Easy application and clean up
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Watco Basics Anti Slip Epoxy Resin Floor Paint is a durable two-part paint suitable for medium to heavy use. It can be applied over existing well bonded paint, or onto bare concrete where it will penetrate the surface making it easier to keep clean. A separate unit of aggregate is supplied with Anti Slip Epoxy Resin Floor Paint, which is mixed into the paint to provide a finely textured slip resistant surface. Two roller applied coats will take heavy traffic including forklifts.

Recommended areas of use

  • Concrete floors in warehouses
  • Production areas
  • Garages
  • Showrooms


Suitable for Concrete, wood, existing well bonded paint
Appearance Coloured. Mid sheen. Anti slip.
Finish Mid gloss, fine texture
Interior or Exterior Interior
Composition 2 part, water based epoxy resin
Number of components 3
Coverage 30m² per 5L per coat
Number of coats 2
Recommended number of coats 2
Dry film thickness 100 microns
Drying time 10 hours at 15-20°C.
Curing time 24 hours at 20°C
Minimum application temperature 15°C
Storage Avoid extreme temperatures.
Cleaning tools Clean tools with water before the paint starts to dry.


Surface preparation

Clean and prepare bare concrete using Watco Basics Acid Etcher. This will remove light grease and oil deposits. 
To remove heavier grease and oil use Watco Bio D This can also be used to remove grease from existing paint.
If over coating existing paint, please ensure it is well bonded. Remove any flaking or poorly bonded paint using a floor scraper for smaller areas or hire a grinder for larger areas.  Smooth, glossy paint should be lightly abraded to provide a key.
Make sure the surface is clean and dust free before continuing.
New concrete should be at least 2 months old. 
This paint is water-based, so it doesn’t matter if the floor remains slightly damp after cleaning.


Holes in excess of 5mm deep can be filled with Watco Basics Floor Repair Mortar, or providing the floor is level, Watco Pourable Repair Mortar
For repairs which need to be ‘feather edged’ to nothing, or for repairs to damaged joint edges, please refer to Watco Concrex epoxy resin repair mortar. This should also be used if repairing broken kerb edges or step nosings.


Check the air temperature is around 15°C and the floor temperature at least 10°C.
Stir the contents of the resin and curing agent tins and then empty the content of the resin into the curing agent tin.
Mix the two components thoroughly using a wide bladed tool such as a piece of batten. A paint mixer in an electric drill is ideal.
If using the 5L anti slip version follow the above instructions, but empty the tin of aggregate into the larger, curing agent tin and mix this thoroughly. Then empty the contents into a mixing pail (a plastic bucket is ideal) and add the contents of the resin tin. Just use half the tin of aggregate if you are using the 2.5L size. 
Mix thoroughly then tip the contents into a paint tray and apply using a medium pile roller. A brush can be used to cut in around edges. 
Now it is mixed you have up to 2 hours to apply it before it become unusable. 
Do not apply thickly.


Avoid applying in cold (below 15°C) conditions, instead see Watco Cold Set Coating.
Do not apply direct to dense, non-porous surfaces such as power floated concrete. This should first be coated with Watco Powerfloat Primer.
May cause rusting if applied to bare metal.
Unsuitable for outside application, (it will fade), instead use Watco Fastcoat.
Avoid using in confined spaces with little or no ventilation since it won’t dry. Choose Watco Epoxicote High Build for such areas.

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Anti Slip Epoxy Resin Floor Paint

Anti Slip Epoxy Resin Floor Paint

A tough slip resistant paint with a low maintenance, long lasting finish

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